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Welcome to Sentiment Furniture Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Sentiment Furniture System (I) Pvt. Ltd is a one of the best Office furniture solution providers, We have a wide range of variety in designs and type of workstations such as - Linear, Pentagon, Staff and manager office workstations. We are committed to provide best design and quality to our customers.

pentagon office workstations

Pentagon Workstation

Suitable for open space office areas, the modular pentagon office workstation is ideal for group seating purposes. Made especially for group and project discussions, keeping the flow of work and communication as a priority, this modular office furniture saves a lot of precious space without creating hindrances to office activities.

Linear office workstation

Linear Workstation

Linear workstation is a top-selling office furniture design. Simple, with ample access point but at the same time adaptable to both privacy and open style layout, linear office workstations are quite an old-school design.


Cubicle Office workstation

Cubicle Workstation

Modern, sophisticated and private, the cubicle workstation setup is a modern design. Sentiment brings you the best modular office workstation design with this arrangement, where workers can enjoy privacy as well as uninterrupted working space.

Staff Office workstation

Staff Workstation

In the modern world, all office furniture setup can be termed as staff workstations. However, the term is usually used for seating large number of people with maximum efficiency in mind. Unlike the cubicle modular setup, the staff workstation is open and often focuses on workflow and accessibility.

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