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L-Shape Office Desks are helping to Good Looking Office

When it comes to your personal office space, do you have enough desk room? Are you worried that your Office Furniture is outdated or in need of a redesign it?
You should consider a modern office L-shape desk for ultimate productivity and office footprint. There are considerable advantages to installing an L-shape desk in your contemporary office:
If you have a private office, the unique shape of an L creates a sense of control for how you lay out what we call your “active” work space: the table top area at which you spend most of your time working with computers, papers, sketching ideas, designing, reviewing reports and more.
An L-shape office desk can convey a sense of authority and leadership by positioning you overlooking the rest of your office furniture.
You can maximize your surface area and reduce furniture installation costs by choosing an L-shaped desk over two separate tables: a single executive desk and a conference table.

Points to Bring in Attention During Purchase of Office Furniture

Although, we have discussed about the above said subject in our earlier blogs, some important points are left which are to be explained yet. Because we all are aware that the office furniture is working like an uniform of the business. A good looking office furniture usually creates a good environment at the work place.
#. During the Purchase of Office Furniture the most important point which is keeping in mind is the budget. How much you are willing to spend on office furniture? This figure will determine the kind, quality and quantity of office fixtures. With a budget in mind, look for the best deals and highest quality furniture that limited resources can buy.
#. Before buying or ordering the office furniture, it would be in mind that how much and which types of space do you have. If you have only a few employees and a small space you can purchase larger co-working tables. But more employees in a small office require more tables. So, ensure they aren’t too small or uncomfortable.
#. Every office space requires an ample amount of lighting irrespective of how many windows are available. Though, having more windows could decrease your electricity bill during the day, but lighting must be strong and placed in places where it benefits employees the most.
#. After considering all above points the main and important part in office furniture purchasing is comfort, the comfortable chairs and desks are always favorable to make office environment positive because the employees would get easiness to sit.

"Top 10 furniture on shopping mistakes"

Before you buy a cell phone ,a dishwasher or a new computer you talk to friend, read report ,comparison shop. But do you invest the same amount of time and preparation in furniture shopping? After all ,a good sofa or dining table will cost more than those items and will last longer .here are the most common mistakes furniture shoppers make based upon a survey:

Lack of preparation :
People often go furniture shopping without any sense of what they like ,their long –term goal ,or even something so basic as the dimension of the room .Before you visit your first store ,draw up a floor plan of the space you're shopping for including all measurements. Take some photographs of the room, and go through design magazines and tear out photos of homes or furniture pieces that appeal to you .Bring paint sample from the room, along with swatches of carpet and fabric from the other furnishings .If you don't have a fabric swatch, remove the cover from a cushion and bring it with you .Pack these clipping in a file holder or portfolio and bring it with you when you shop
Think about your long –term plans for the room: Do you like it the way it is, or do you want to change it? If it's the latter ,what kind of look or feeling do you want the space to have ?Buy for the way it is ;that way ,you 're not tossing out your furniture in three years when you finally get around to decorating it the way you want it.

Ignoring scale :
Stores can play tricks with your sense of proportion. A piece that looks perfect in a store that's half the size of a football field and has 20-foot ceilings may appear humongous in an apartment with 8-foot ceilings .Carry a compact tape measure in your purse or car and measure everything before you buy .If you're still in doubt, go home and map out the piece in newspaper on your floor ,or make a mock-up with cardboard boxes.

Furniture Trends For 2014
There's nothing subtle about one of the trendy colour schemes in home furnishing for 2014. In fact ,the scheme is as stark as black and white .the combination of black and white is timeless ,enduring and essential .It's one of the few key that transcends furniture style and price point .designers say you can look for this colour combo to emerge with prominence in retail  home furnishings stores this spring .Home furnishing designers have gone back to the basics choosing black and white for their colour palette inspiration .Crisp ,clean white and dark ,dramatic black have come together .
Designers say black and white furnishings are a foil for rooms full of colour, providing visual balance while also being able to work as a room focal point or the background.  They say that from contemporary to traditional styles, this classics colour combination is versatile and can be used as an overall theme or just for dramatic accent .And, while all was once reversed strictly for upper-end furnishing, high performance fabrics are making this hue practical and popular at upper middle and middle price points, as well

So what does the trend portend for furniture?

Here are our top 10 design trends for 2014:

    • Home design style with a conscience –it's all about eco friendly design, products and implementation –focus on organic, natural, recycled and re-processable products .in the past eco-friendly or green design could be summed up in the words: ugly, dowdy and boring. That isn't the case anymore .Eco-friendly design has met stylish interpretation providing that earth friendly decor can at the same time be elegant, beautiful and exciting and Green.
    • Contrast makes the Difference –high contrast color combination such as robin egg blue set against dark cocoa or white and black .Contrasting textures like smooth against rough such as manmade steel .Add a touch of the unexpected to your decor by paring up accessories or furnishings of mixed media –a soft chenille sofa dressed with rough textures horsehair or zebra pillow or velvet against metal.
    • It's All About the X-the ``X' is everywhere in furniture and accessories design .It was spotted at Highpoint, the European shows and has been slowly making itself available in furniture and decor stores.
    • Multipurpose furniture and accessories- Beautiful design is simply not enough for today's discerning home decor shopper, they want utility driven, multipurpose furniture and that will make their everyday life easier, less hectic and more organized.
    • Leather with feminine touch –Leather is still a hot trend however this year expect to see the softer side of leather, furniture in smaller scale, earthy golden warm tones such as caramel, cappuccino, cocoa, and cinnamon as well as what are considered more ''tradition'' feminine colours ranging from pastel pinks to robin egg blue with contrasting accent colours of dark chocolate.
    • Understated luxe-2014 is all about ''whispering '' luxury and elegance via your home decor, furnishing and accessories.
    • All shades of white –from the purest whites to the softest ivories, the white colour family will be seen everywhere from walls to sofas to lamps to picture frames.
    • Really big furniture and accessories –It's  all about design drama ,over-sized lamps chandeliers floral, mirrors ,decorative accessories and other design elements.
    • Cool metals-grey tone metals such as silver pewder, brushes nickel, aluminium, steel, charcoal and platinum
    • Zen at home –we want peace at home and furnishing your home with design element that make you feel at peace and grounded are the keys to achieving a home sanctuary.      

    Buying on impulse
    It can be hard to resist a piece of furniture that's marked 50 percent off. But think things through before you pull out that billfold .if the item doesn't    work with your room's  scale ,style or colours, you've  just spent 50 percent more than you had to. If  it's cheap but doesn't work in your home ,it's not a good deal. Buying furniture takes time ,so don't rush it ; give your plenty of chance to look around and comparison shop .And if you absolutely  can't pass up that item ,make sure it's returnable.
     Shopping by committee
    the more opinion you seek ,the harder it is to choose .Don't take a squadron of friends and relatives with you when you shop ;limit the input to significant other or one friend with exquisite taste.
    Refusing help
    unless you have studied interior design or apprenticed with an upholsterer, it's a safe bet the salesperson will  know  more about their merchandise than you .Take advantages of that ."most sales personnel desperately want to be helpful ,''says Leonard Bruce Lewin ,author of shopping for furniture: A consumer 's Guide .''Give them a chance and odds of getting the product at the right .
    Shopping on the weekend
    If you're going to need a lot of help and want the salesperson to give you his or her undivided attention  ,don't  go shopping on the weekend. that's when furniture stores are busiest  and the staff is most distracted .pick a weekday and you might be able to monopolize the salesperson's time for hours.
    Forgetting to measure doors and elevators
    Everyone who sells furniture has heard stores about people who bought a sofa and then could not get it through the front door ,up the stairs or into the elevator .Don't become another statistics! Measure the size of every opening leading up to the room where the piece will set .(don't over look window as an alternate entry point).If you live in an apartment or condo ,measure the elevator door and compartment ,or the service elevator ,if there is one.
    Paying too much
    ''in today's world ,any consumer should expect to be seeing at least a 35% discount off of the MRP ''says author lewin ,referring to the manufacturer 's suggested retail price (not the store's normal selling price).If the price isn't discounted already, wait for a sale :many retailer mark down everything in the store events.  If you don't want to wait to save money on your fur niture,you might ask your salesperson if he or she could knock 3-5%off the price ,especially if you're buying several items .(profit margin are slim on furniture,so don't get greedy ).If the salesperson says no ,don't be offended :Some manufactures and stores do not permit their merchandise to be sold at a discount .
    Many stores offer enticing financing plans that postpone payment for a year or more .Don't take advantages of them unless you're certain you'll be able to pay off the balance in full by that date . the majority of customer don't ,and up paying sky-high interest charge retroactive to the day they look the furniture home .Don't be another victim ,pay for it now but start putting money until the balance is due.
    Seven tips saving money on office furniture

    1. Create a plan-        Don't rush out and buy the first desk , chair or workstation that you see on sale at the local office supply store. Instead ,spend some times carefully creating a plan . Evaluate your office furniture needs and ask your employees for their requirements. Keep in mind how much space you have for the office furniture ,factoring in plans for hiring additional employees.
    2. Start shopping around -       Begin your search for budget office furniture by carefully examining the ads published in newspaper /magazines visit then with a copy of your office plan .discussed with them and value their advices by local office furniture dealers
    3. Keep comfort in mind-      In your planning stage you surveying the employees who will be using the new office furniture ,so keep their comfort in mind as you shop .for example ,make sure any workstation you are considering has enough leg  room for the people who will be sitting there all day.
    4. Ask colleagues for referrals-         Ask your prospective supplier for a site visit .that means he will show you his past working .                                                                                                                                                                             On inspection site you may come across with the quality issues .Discuss with employees working on that furniture. the more information   you have ,the easier it will be to make an informed decision about where to buy your budget office furniture.
    5. If you buy online, consider shipping costs-      be careful of who you do business with .many business owner don't read the fine print carefully before signing on the dotted line .
    6. Look for modular office furniture -     In addition to being cost effectives ,you can get branded offices furniture with long term warranty .you can find plenty of option manufacturers
    7. Look for pre-laminated board -      these are easy to maintain and give long term life cycle cost benefit.




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