9 Office Workstations Trends for Post COVID-19

Office Workstations Trends for Post COVID-19

Welcome to the year of radical changes and a wonderful year to witness history in the making, LIVE! The ending of a decade, 2020 has given the pandemic as our eye-opener. It has been a year where we witnessed something we read in our history books with the loss of life, businesses and many unprecedented changes in this year.
COVID-19 was and is still a catalyst for change as we tried to adapt to its unstoppable rampage, so far. For working people, it was a year of fundamental changes, where the much coveted (and envied) “work from home” scenario gained importance and became a norm.
Now it brings us the question as to how the office landscape will look post COVID. With social distancing becoming a norm, will offices in future have individual office workstations that will be “capsuled” to prevent any physical contact! Apart from this, what will a regular office space undergo with physical distancing policies!! A lot of questions stay looming… Today we look at 9 possible office workstation trends that can rule the office landscape post COVID-19.

Architecture and interior design will undergo drastic change

Before we touch on the office workstation, the traditional office space will undergo some drastic architectural and interior design changes. To limit physical interactions, the offices will be redesigned to prevent any spread of diseases.
To simply put, modular office workstation manufacturers have to rethink according to the changes of office interiors. It will be challenging as many aspects, which were common pre-COVID, are likely to change and the office work culture is likely to undergo a big change.

Old school designs with barriers for physical distancing

Earlier offices used to sport barriers to create separation between desks and seating areas. This old school design may find it back as they are cheaper installations and require less effort to fix. As the changes post-COVID will entail unforeseen expenses for an organization, workplaces will likely adapt to cheaper options first.
Modular office workstation will also undergo some changes keeping the functionality intact. They are more likely to be retrofitted with barriers; however, many of the barriers can be artistic as decorative material like lightweight wood with vinyl/ plywood can be used to keep up a good look.

Looks will be secondary “FINISHES” will be prioritized

COVID made us realize that we are not alone; although we know this; such notions do not rule our day-to-day life, not consciously, at the very least. Office furniture, appliances, etc. are all susceptible to germs as they can nest and can later get transferred to others. Hence, the use of smooth surfaces that are easy to clean will be of utmost importance in offices.
Furniture, especially office workstations, kitchen appliances and areas where physical contact is unavoidable may have “skins” that are self-cleaning. For instance, your normal hard-surface chair may have a microfiber cloth, as they are easy to clean with alcohol.

Conference rooms maybe a thing of the past

With digital interaction taking lead, conference rooms may altogether be out of use. Although this seems unimaginable at the moment, people may be very enclosed with recycled air being spewed in that accommodates groups of people –interacting, exchanging pleasantries, drinking coffee/water/fluids, passing notes, conducting presentations, etc.
Conference rooms are highly susceptible areas where the exchange of microbes can occur. Modular workstation manufacturers will have to rethink furniture for conference rooms altogether in such scenarios. It is a challenging affair but also an incredible, lucrative area of business for furniture makes.

End of open plans, mostly

Open plan office might reduce significantly post COVID-19. As the name suggests, open plan office do not offer proper protection or prevent the spread of disease. For instance, the spread of cold and common flu in open styled offices are faster compared to closed or restricted working spaces.
Office furniture will also need to undergo changes, as the “modular workstation” will find its way into such offices that are easy to move and can be rearranged to adapt to almost any given area. That does not mean it is not the end for open plan offices; the same space is likely to be revamped into something that meets the current requirements, at least for the foreseeable future.

Cube it up!

If barriers seem to be old school, the cubicle might seem like a cliché. However, cubicles are safer options than barriers and they offer some privacy. They are easier to clean ,maintain and consume lesser space.
Cubicles may be a trip to the past but it is one of the best options to create a healthy office atmosphere. Adapting to a cubicle is easy since it has smart storage and designated spaces for your electronic devices too.
Look for additional offerings from modular office furniture manufacturers as cubicles have undergone numerous changes in the past decade.

Accessorize the modular workstation

Earlier office workstations were meant for sophistication, easy workflow and efficiency. Post COVID-19, your office workstation might require areas for sanitizers, disinfectant, etc. Since the focus is on clean working areas, such additions might become a norm.
To maintain such accessories, modular workstation manufacturers might have to rethink the workstation design by making small changes. These inclusions can go a long way and can create space saving options for employees.

Bringing the office home

When the pandemic hit the global scene, many major corporations shifted their working base from offices to homes. Working from home was a welcome change but it did not offer the same comfort and productivity as that of an office.
Many companies provided additional benefits in the form of office workstations to people working from homes. COVID-19 is an instance in which we saw an office being set up inside a regular home, all around the world.
The global workplace has undergone a tremendous change with the office space becoming a part of homes. It is an opportunity for workstation manufacturers to come up with brilliant ideas to cater to this segment, as the concept of work from home is not just a trend but also a necessity.
Overall, the modular office workstation is up for a revamp. More flexibility, smarter storage, etc. are expected and therefore the design of a workstation is likely to change to accommodate the mandatory requirements post COVID-19.


The modular furniture industry has seen a number of changes but the recent pandemic has sent a radical change to this particular sector. With work from home becoming common, the office-work landscape will see a prominent change post-COVID.
With the unprecedented challenges that COVID19 brought with it, reimaging an office workspace would mean looking at the same work place with a changed attitude. Major corporations have moved away from the in-house office culture to a much more convenient work-from-home and the trend is likely to stay.
We hope the above examples were able to shed some light on the oncoming changes and gives office workstation manufacturers, employers and employees to adjust to any future changes.